The Animal

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Seeing the beauty of our planet with fresh eyes...

A visitor lands on Earth from a far away planet and is absolutely blown away by the beauty of nature. A carrot, a bird, and dandelion puff - he loves it all. He soon encounters a group of animals (a lion, a crocodile, an elephant, a goose, a fox, and an ostrich) who simply do not understand what he sees in such ordinary objects.

After spending some more time together, the friends soon understand the difference between looking at something and truly seeing it. Soon enough, they are able to truly appreciate the life flowing through all of the natural world.

A truly unique children's book from award winning husband and wife team David and Nonny

Newbery award winner David Kherdian and two-time Caldecott medalist Nonny Hogrogian have put together a timeless classic of mindfulness,reflection, and meditation. The beautiful illustrations perfectly complement the elegantly simple prose as a group of friends ponder the beauty of nature.