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Writing from his home in the hills of Black Mountain,  poet David Kherdian shares his thoughts on the pandemic of 2020 through simple, unobtrusive verses- providing grace, prayer, and deliverance for all those in need.

We weren't ready for so much time alone

As much as the doctors are tackling the physical aspects of the pandemic, the average household was simply not ready for such a massive lock-down and so much alone time.  We are after all social beings and life is quite unfamiliar without the physical interactions with our loved ones.  Even as we are separated from friends and family, the poems in Pandemic will help us all confront the situation head-on, learn more about ourselves, and come out stronger than we ever were before. 

Pandemic provides the spiritual sustenance most needed in these uncertain times and allows us to truly embrace the present.


There is that moment
in the day when
the earth exhales
its last breath,
for the arrival of the next

lifting us out of ourselves,
yearning, perplexed,
suspended in time-
between what is here
and what lies beyond.