Checkmate Charlie!

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Experience an epic chess showdown against an ever-hungry puppy...

Nothing beats a game of chess on a hot and hazy summer afternoon. No one knows this better than sisters Kata and Meli. With their chess board laid out and plenty of lemonade by their side, the sisters are looking forward to a relaxing day outside...but what they didn't plan on was the voracious appetite of the pet dog Charlie, who is intent on wrecking their match and literally eating all of their chess pieces.

Just when they think they have finally gotten away from Charlie, they are transported to a magical chessboard, populated with an assortment of backyard critters - field mice, a doe, even a praying mantis. Kata and Meli will have to carefully formulate a strategy if they are ever going to reign triumphant. What will it take to overcome Charlie's voracious appetite?

A fun way to learn about chess...

CHECKMATE, CHARLIE features fun, vibrant illustrations with an imaginative storyline that will help spark a child's interest in chess. Chess is being taught in more and more classrooms across the world as a way to help increase a child's focus and concentration. Mindfulness, careful observation, strategy formulation, planning ahead - these are all aspects of a child's cognitive development that will be enhanced with learning chess. CHECKMATE, CHARLIE includes an appendix that very simply describes the rules of chess