Carrot Cake

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He always talks and never listens...

Join two newlywed rabbits as they navigate their married life.  Although the wedding and honeymoon went smooth as can be, the two bunnies are already running into problems.  Mr. Rabbit simply won't stop talking about himself.  Not only that, he never cares to ask Mrs. Rabbit about her day or about her feelings.  Tired of these one-sided conversations, Mrs. Rabbit has had enough and expresses how she really feels to Mr. Rabbit.  And it's then--over some fresh carrot cake-- that the newlyweds truly learn how to talk to each other.

Never be afraid to express your feelings...

Although it may appear simple at first glance, Carrot Cake presents the reader with many life truths.  Whether for the parent doing the reading or the children getting ready for bedtime, two-time Caldecott winner Nonny Hogrogian has created an absolute masterpiece.  Themes of compassion and understanding demonstrated by the rabbits will surely ring resonate long after the book is placed back on the bookshelf.