By Myself

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After scraping her knee during recess, a young girl is sent home to rest from her injury.   Along the way, she strikes up conversation everyone that she meets, including a squirrel, the clouds, the trees, and some stones.  

A tale of mindfulness from Newbery Award winner David Kherdian and two-time Caldecott winner Nonny Hogrogian...

Husband-wife writing team David and Nonny have done it again with their classic tale of mindfulness...if we open our ears wide enough, we can hear the gentle voices of everything that all around us and within us.  We don't need to be distracted by smartphones to feel happy in our own skins.  Just like the main character of BY MYSELF, we have the power to calm our anxieties and overcome our sadness by getting to know our own feelings.

A story to soothe our souls in these uncertain times...

Great reading for any one aged 4 up to 94.  No matter how old you are or what you are going through in life, the sweet prose, beautful illustrations, and focus on finding inner peace are sure to warm your soul.